Important Dates

Important dates

Paper submission deadline: 5th October, 2008 (closed)
Poster submission deadline: 19th October, 2008 (closed)
Workshop submission deadline: 31th October, 2008 (closed)
Intention to submit a Tutorial deadline: 31th October, 2008 (closed)
Workshop acceptance notifications: 17th November, 2008 (closed)
Tutorial submission deadline: 30th November, 2008 (closed)
Paper and Poster acceptance notifications: 12th December, 2008 (closed)
Tutorial acceptance notifications: 2th December, 2008 (closed)
Workshop and Tutorial: 6th April, 2009
Technical papers: 7th, 8th and 9th April, 2009

The latest time for submission is the Pacific time (the planet's westernmost time zone).