31st European Conference on Information Retrieval

The annual BCS-IRSG European Conference on Information Retrieval is the main European forum for the presentation of new research results in the field of Information Retrieval. The conference encourages the submission of high quality research papers reporting original, previously unpublished results.

The 31st European Conference on Information Retrieval held in Toulouse, France, 6th-9th of April, 2009 and organized by IRIT in cooperation with the BCS-IRSG and is supported by ACM-SIGIR, ARIA and E-IRSG.

NEW ! The proceedings are now available on Springer-Verlag site.

ECIR 2009 Google Grant (for female scientists)


The two female Google conference and travel grant award winners for 2009 are:

Gayatree Ganu, Rutgers University, USA
Seyda Ertekin, Penn State University, USA


The Program Chairs invite for the submission of original research papers and posters in all areas of Information Retrieval, including but not limited to:
  • IR Theory and Formal Models
  • Performance, Scalability, Architectures, Efficiency, Platforms
  • Indexing, Query representation, Query reformulation, Structure-based representation, XML
  • Metadata, Social tagging
  • Evaluation methods and metrics, Experimental design, Test collection
  • Interactive IR, User studies, User models, Task-based IR
  • User interfaces and visualization
  • Web IR (e.g. link analysis, query log analysis, ad targeting)
  • Digital libraries
  • Enterprise Search, Intranet, Desktop, Adversarial IR
  • Distributed IR, peer to peer IR, Mobile IR, Fusion/Combination
  • Cross-language retrieval, Multilingual retrieval, Machine translation for IR
  • Multimedia IR
  • Topic detection and tracking, Routing, Content-based filtering, Collaborative filtering, Agents, Spam filtering
  • Question answering, Natural language processing for IR, Summarization, Lexical acquisition
  • Text Data Mining
  • Text Categorization, Clustering
  • Other domain-specific IR (e.g., Genomic IR, legal IR, IR for chemical structures)
  • Blog and online-community search